Saturday, June 9, 2012

India Day 6 - Farewell Mumbai

Today we leave Mumbai.  We were supposed to be here until Tuesday, but things were completed earlier than expected.  Rather than sit around in Mumbai, we have decided to return home to Australia as we are due to holiday in Japan in 2 weeks and this will give us some time off at home until we head out for Tokyo.

Today we went to Lilavati hospital to do our second and final 'donations' as the ED was due to have the eggs retrieved today.  Everything went to schedule and all up we were at the hospital for around an hour.  Around 12pm, Dr Yash emerged from the IVF lab and advised that she had retrieved 20 eggs, however the maturity of them was yet to be determined.  Thrilled was an understatement and we were then faced with the predicament of how to best use the eggs.  As had always been the plan, GB was to be the father.  However, based on the number of mature eggs and any prospect of me (LC) wanting to be a parent in future she asked if we wanted split the crop.  She had mentioned this could be a possibility earlier in the week when we first visited the clinic, so we had already decided that if we got a large number of eggs we would split them.

We later received an e-mail from SI letting us know that they actually retrieved 22 mature eggs.  We are ecstatic to say the least.  Of all the couples that were cycling at the same time of us, we were the only couple who would be present for the ED pickup as a number of EDs had been delayed.  So we have been doubly lucky and we hope this continues to the embryo transfer on Monday.

After the leaving the hospital, we headed over to the SI head office to meet our surrogate.  It was all happening today.  GB grew considerably exasperated in the Mumbai traffic, with this taxi trip being our longest and most painful yet.  We essentially spent 1.5 hours in a traffic jam to get from Bandra West to Bhandup West - probably about 20kms.

We finally arrived to meet our surrogate and sign the agreement - our final page in the Mumbai chapter.

Below is a picture of the momentous event:

GB on the left, while our Surrogate "Ms B" signed the paperwork
There was some time to ask her a few questions and give her and her family members some gifts to show our gratitude

Ms B's timing was a little out (she blinked), but she appeared pleased with the gifts.
The gifs for her family:

The gifts

The three of us:

Incidentally we're both only 5'9 - and our surrogate is supposed to be 5'1. Hmmmm?

And alas, we close the chapter on this part of the journey and head home.  Monday, the next chapter begins, when we find out how many embryos we have, their grades and when the transfer goes ahead.  Exciting times to come.

Stay tuned....

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