Thursday, June 7, 2012

India - Day 4

Today we had no surrogacy business to attend to and as mentioned in our last post, we had booked a driver for the day to see the sights of Mumbai.

Once again, we overindulged at breakfast before our driver promptly arrived at 10am as agreed.  We really didn't have a set itinerary, but had a fair idea of what we wanted to see and knew the driver had beat this path many times before.  So we left it in his hands and off we went.

It made us feel very lucky to have grown up in a country where life is a lot less difficult than what residents of Mumbai experience on a daily basis.  Hats off to them!

Below are a few snaps of the trip. I think the photography course I took last year is finally starting to pay off.

Until the next post.....

The open laundry of Mumbai.

Unfortunately, child labour exists nearly everywhere

The Gateway of India 
The Taj hotel

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  1. Fab pictures, I remember the open laundry place, looking down from the flyover, mumbai traffic, wow brings it all back! All the best with ur journey, reading your post above ur egg retrieval went well :) look forward to ur next post