Wednesday, June 6, 2012

India - Day 3

Well there are a few things you can control in this world and then there are things you can't.  Abstinence for example can be controlled.  The effects of it can't.

This is quite a necessary but usually overlooked element when it comes to the surrogacy journey blogs.  I'm putting it in here because it would only happen when you don't want it to and sometimes you have to look at the funny side of things.  Maybe it's not really funny - but we thought it was.

Abstinence is not generally an issue until your forced to abstain.  Then all you can think about is abstaining.  Well sometimes your body refuses to accept this 'forced' position and as such takes matters into it's own hands (figuratively speaking of course).  The body usually does this during sleeping hours as all boys would know.  And contrary to popular belief, this affliction isn't confined to years during puberty.

Anyway, to avoid dancing any further around the issue, last night, the 4 days of abstinence ended involuntarily overnight for one of us.  Despite my dire warnings earlier in the blog of using Google, we soon learned that although this would reduce the volume of swimmers, it wouldn't affect quality.  Quality has never been a problem, so today we look at the funny side to this experience and accept there are things that you just can't control.

As expected, our taxi arrived to whisk us off to the lab in Bandra West promptly at 10.15am.  On arrival, in the waiting room, were another couple we had seen a few days prior at our hotel.  They too, were going through the 'collection' episode today.  They had experienced donor issues and we found ourselves feeling lucky with the relative 'smooth' ride we'd had to date.  We did what we needed to do and after filling out some paper work, we heading back to the hotel.  Feeling a slight degree of delayed jet lag, or perhaps just tiredness from the frenetic 48 hours that had transpired, we spent a lazy afternoon chilling at the hotel.

During this evening we received the swimmer results for both of us and as suspected, the volume had decreased by a factor of 2 from the tests performed in February for one of us - but motility etc in % terms was consistent with earlier tests. So there is plenty there to work with.  Thank goodness.  But having two guys generally doubles your chances of (in most cases anyway) so another reason why we could look at the funny side of this experience.

Tomorrow we have booked a driver and cab for the day to see the highlights of Mumbai.  Hopefully the rain will hold off and we get some great snaps of this electric city.

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