Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Change Tack

Well after two unsuccessful attempts, we've decided to consider our options in moving forward.

After 2 attempts with the same surrogate using GB's embryos, we've decided to change tack and try a new surrogate with my (LC's) embryos.

On Saturday, it was confirmed that our new choice of surrogate was available and that the transfer was likely to take place around the 20th of October.  The SM is a proven surrogate along with having two children of her own - so we're hoping that this helps our chances of becoming pregnant this time round.

So it's just a matter of waiting until then.

We're looking forward to going to Sydney next weekend for a much needed break from the goings on of life to date.  Work for both of us has been kinda crazy of late, and with the continued home renovations and the ups and downs of the surrogacy process, a mini escape will be just the ticket.

So we wish all those out there trying good luck and those already pregnant a safe and happy delivery of your new additions.

Until our next post.....ciao.



  1. I always like to see that people are moving forward despite the setbacks. Nature is fickle, and that baby or babies that are meant for you are out there waiting. In time, in time...have a wonderful holiday in Sydney! Keep us posted on the upcoming transfer/details. And thanks for sharing...

  2. Hopefully third time is the charm. Good luck and enjoy Sydney!

  3. Keeping fingers crossed for you guys! have a fab break in Sydney x