Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lessons Learnt today

We are waiting to hear back from the ED Clinic about our ED's hormone tests.  Originally, we had been told that results would be sent through on 10th May.  However, on the 10th, Olga contacted us advising that the results would now be available after the 15th of May.  We're now told it will be tomorrow.  Our initial response was "What's wrong?".  Apparently nothing. It comes down to simple female biology which we have fairly limited experience with.  Our EDs menstrual cycle is apparently the culprit and as such, the testing will be carried out later than we expected.

For a brief few hours, before we were assured there wasn't a problem, I went forth with the automatic response of logging on and scouring the Internet for answers.

I think it is important to note here, that there a 2 things that will make the surrogacy experience more difficult than necessary - and no doubt these grave warnings have come from others before.

Those two things? Google & Time.

Google - because it gives you more questions than answers.  And when you get your results, you tend to focus on the worst answer rather than the repeated results that seem to be the wide consensus.   So lets have a look at an example:

Type in "Headache Causes".  The first result that comes up in Australia Google suggests the causes can be stress, health, some medications...etc.  No, it couldn't be as simple as that.  By the second result we have "Brain tumours are relatively rare..." read no further.  I have already stumbled on the true cause  - A Brain Tumour.  Yes, naturally, it must be a brain tumour - because the eight schooners of beer last night couldn't possibly be the cause.  Could it?
The subsequent results show up similar causes to the first - run down, poor health, stress etc.  The lesson here, 99 times out of a 100 the most simple, benign result is often the correct one.

So rule 101 to me and others reading this - medical diagnosis or self-education using Google must be considered carefully and based on hard facts.  Any other approach will only lead to emotional and over-reactive conclusions that make you wonder why you ever started this crazy adventure.

And time?  Well, because it makes you think too much and it gives you more opportunity to input queries into Google. Goodness knows what we'll do for the 9 months during the pregnancy!

So back to the point of this blog, we await the results of the ED's hormone tests.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow we get some positive news and continue looking forward to our Mumbai visit on the 4th June.

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  1. you boys make me smile!!! You remind me of us during our first attempts, try and take it easy and STEP away from Dr Google... So excited about your trip to India and can not wait to hear how you get on!! WHAM xoxoxo