Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gives you tingles

I thought I would quickly share with you a very freaky experience we had on the weekend.

We had planned to fly down to Melbourne on Saturday morning for a fly by visit (returning on Sunday) to visit one of our investment properties as well as visiting my 5 year old nephew to give him his present following his birthday a few weeks ago.  We had a great few hours with him, but had to leave to inspect the property so went about packing up our bits and pieces.  We announced to my nephew that we were about to leave and he insisted that we wait "right there".  He ran off to his bedroom where he disappeared for a few minutes before returning with a Ben10 figurine.

He gestured for me to take it and I said, "What's this for?"

Without skipping a beat, "It's for your little boy."

"What little boy?," I asked looking at my sister who seemed as perplexed as we were.

"The one you're going to get.  Then he can come and visit and have sleepovers!"

"That's very generous of you.  You're a very good boy", I responded, completely touched that someone so young could be so thoughtful.

Of course we were all standing around a little bit confused and freaked out - but in a good way.  We shortly left still tingling from the experience.

My sister had never mentioned the whole surrogacy thing to my nephew,  not through any concern but rather trying to explain the process to a 5 year old is probably somewhat difficult given most adults struggle to get it.

So we remain intrigued with tingles every time we think about it.  Whether he knows something we don't, I don't know.  But what ever happens, the selfless act of giving up one of his favourite toys was very inspiring.

In the meantime, we finally heard from our ED clinic and were advised our ED is now on birth control pills until the 26th of May, when they will start the 10 day course of stimulation injections.

We'll keep you updated.

The Ben10 toy from my 5 yo nephew