Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's been a while

Tomorrow we reach 20 weeks pregnant.

It's not that I haven't wanted to post, it's just that we feel so cautious.

I was talking to one of my oldest friends last week and she was saying that we appear really happy.  I said we are ... but I have this constant lingering worry in the back of my mind.  She said, "Oh that.... that's normal.... welcome to parenthood".  Her first born has just reached 7 month.  My friend's father was in the room when we were talking about my feeling and he said... "Yep, welcome to parenthood.  That never goes away!".

Wait.... hang on a sec.  No-one warned us about this.  My friend's father said that you get used to it, but it's always there.

And that's how I feel.  We're overjoyed that we've reach this milestone and our SM is doing so well.  We found out that we're having a boy and that all his measurements put him bang, slap into the middle of the bell curve.  But I can't help worrying if things will keep going well, or if something bad is just around the corner. I'll admit that this is not consuming me, but like I said above ... more like a lingering feeling I can't shake.  I think as the pregnancy continues to progress we'll gain more confidence.  We'll just be glad once we're holding him.... I hope!

We've tried our best not to buy anything, but my constant desire to be organised is starting to override the chronological aspect of we're we are at in the pregnancy.  It hasn't helped that one of my best friends is as excited as we are and keeps buying things and sending me the latest social media "deals of the day" baby bargains!  We've now amassed a number of adorable baby outfits and as of this week, a month's worth of newborn nappies.  It certainly hasn't stopped me thinking about the nursery decoration though.

Right from the beginning, I wanted something bright, colourful and unisex.  The wardrobe in the soon to be nursery is made up of 3 doors that were previously painted a horrid shade of blue.  Prior to the pregnancy, I had already given 1 coat of white paint to cover the hideous colour.  But that wasn't enough and it would need another coat.  Once the news arrived that we were having a baby, I delayed any further decoration until we knew if bub was going to stick around.  Fortunately, he decided to hang on ... .literallly... at which point I thought I could put a baby themed mural on the doors.  The rug was acquired from my one of the social media "deals of the day".  This weekend saw the completion of the mural.  Here is a pic of it below.

The pram, cot, change table, baby monitor, night light and accessories are all on layby.... so providing everything keeps going well, the nursery will be finished in 4 weeks time.

We're currently awaiting our next scan scheduled for the 8th April.

Apart from that, not much else has really been happening.  We continue to go to work and do all the normal boring stuff, intermixed with the occasional delivery from Amazon with a selection of baby books and planning our "babymoon" to reminisce on life pre-baby.  Otherwise, we just continue to focus forward and plan the the baby shower which is locked in for Queen's birthday weekend (Saturday 7th June)

Until our next update.... take care.


  1. Your nursery looks adorable and really puts us to shame. Totally understand about the constant worrying-- our surrogate is almost 22 weeks pregnant, and we worry *a lot.* I have more gray hair now than ever before! Congrats and best of luck

  2. Congratulations! So glad that you updated. That mural is so cute!

  3. Worrying is normal. I'd wonder about you if you did NOT worry.

    Congrats on the halfway point! Huge milestone!

  4. Excellent - I'm so happy to hear you're so fat along!!!

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