Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back on the horse

So a day or so after our last post, we finished digesting the news and accepted that this is just the way that it is.  Pregnancy is a very strange beast as you can do everything in your power to create the perfect circumstances (or at least appear to have them) and then nothing happens.

As someone who has always found that through diligence and hard work you get the result you want, I find the pregnancy and IVF process irreconcilable with this thinking.  So time to change my view from that to - it will happen when it's ready to happen.  Now for me, this is very difficult.  As a results driven person, putting things out into the universe (different people have different labels for it) or waiting for luck to occur really challenges me.  But low and behold, I accept this position and will go forth with a new found outlook.

The follow up from the clinic following our negative result was utterly atrocious.  So much so, a very terse and frank e-mail was sent through explaining our expectations from here on out.  We think this message has been received loud and clear, but time will tell how successful we've been.

That said, we are due to cycle again in around 3-4 weeks (date to be confirmed).  The surrogate is currently on BC and is due to come off the pill in around 4 days, before the priming meds start again.  We're planning on defrosting and going to blastocyst this time and hope to follow the success of Brent & Charlie's recent attempt.

So for now, we're relying on lady luck lining up her ducks in preparation of our early August transfer.

Thanks to all of those out there who have sent some very considerate messages and posted comments.  It has really shown the support from the community out there and we're thankful that you've taken the time to read about our story.

Until the next exciting installment, take care.



  1. I've always been a planner and agree its hard to go with the flow, so pleased you guys are continuing, fingers and toes crossed for you x

  2. I am very similar in my attitude towards work. Seems like if we're working hard, we should get pregnant, right?

  3. I can SO sympathize - I plan out everything involuntarily, and hate the lack of control! Right now we're waiting for our latest test results... very impatiently.

    Good luck on your second attempt, and in working with the agency!!

  4. The only people that do not have a baby are the one's that give up. Never give up! I learned that from an Aussie couple whose blog really helped us a lot during our negatives and conflicting emotions about where to turn next. So GO FOR IT, guys! This is the best next step you can take...because it's FORWARD! Good luck and thinking good thoughts for you in a few weeks...

  5. Good luck guys, we're thinking of you.

  6. We have everything crossed here and you know we are cheering you on!!